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Exciting New Exhibits at Destiny USA

WonderWorks Syracuse is bringing the cold, hard scientific facts and the history of the sinking of the RMS Titanic to Destiny USA with its new interactive exhibit! The “How Cold Is It?” exhibit is a two-part zone that allows you to learn more about the challenges that passengers faced during the ship’s sinking in 1912. The “How Cold Is It” challenge allows the ability to hold your hand in an icy vat of 28-degree water, the same temperature of the North Atlantic Ocean the night the Titanic sank. In addition, a lifelike stair ramp, positioned at the ship’s angle 100 minutes after impact, allows you to feel the strength needed to combat the force of a sinking vessel.

Both displays are accompanied by background information that explains the magnitude of this event, which has been studied by historians and portrayed in popular culture over the past century. The sinking sparked conversation and further research on vessel construction and safety, sea patrol, and iceberg watch.

In addition to over 100 exhibits inside WonderWorks, you can also experience the Titanic Zone with the purchase of a regular admission ticket. For more information, contact WonderWorks at 315.466.7700 or click here!

But Wait, There’s More — World’s Largest Toothpick Bridge (LIMITED SHOWING!)

Destiny USA has a brand new, limited showing attraction from “Stan the Toothpick Man” and his traveling exhibit from Toothpick World! Check out the “World’s Largest Toothpick Bridge,” plus, other cool attractions made exclusively out of toothpicks and glue.

The toothpick display is a limited showing display located on the second level of the Canyon Area next to Dick’s Sporting Goods.