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Sensory Friendly Events at Destiny USA

Management of five of Destiny USA’s entertainment venues recently announced the availability of special, sensory-friendly events for children with special needs within their doors. APEX Entertainment, Build-A-Bear, Museum of Intrigue, Regal, and WonderWorks have had their associates professionally trained to meet the needs of this audience and now offer sensory-friendly options throughout the year.


APEX Entertainment:

  • APEX Entertainment has partnered with The Autism Alliance of MetroWest Massachusetts to train their staff to be educated on how to recognize people with sensory sensitivities and how to best serve them.
  • APEX Entertainment hosts a sensory friendly Autism Awareness hour the first Saturday of each month. Friends and families with loved ones with autism can come and have fun in a welcoming environment.
  • APEX Entertainment wants to give back to the community and increase the quality of life for family caregivers and their loved ones with autism through special accommodations including reduced lighting and noise, having stress ball/squishy toys, sunglasses, water toys/timers, and calming rooms available for when things get overwhelming.
  • For more information about APEX Entertainment’s Autism Welcoming Event, click here.



  • Build-A-Bear Workshop is proud to support children with autism and other special needs by providing sensory-friendly events at all Workshop locations.
  • Sensory-Friendly Tuesdays are designed to provide a less-stimulating Workshop experience that’s still fun-filled and unforgettable. The Bear Builders are here to make sure each Guest goes through the Build-A-Bear experience in a way that’s comfortable for them.
  • Build-A-Bear offers special accommodations for the first including dimmer lighting and minimal music.
  • A step-by-step informational guide is available that allows parents/guardians to plan their Workshop experience in advance
  • Sensory-Friendly Tuesdays are currently planned to occur on the first Tuesday of every month at Build-A-Bear Workshop for the first open hour of the day.


Museum of Intrigue:

  • KultureCity has partnered with Museum of Intrigue to make their museum and all of the programs and events that the venue hosts to be sensory inclusive. This new initiative will promote an accommodating and positive experience for all guests and fans with a sensory issue that visit the Museum of Intrigue.
  • The certification process entailed the staff at Museum of Intrigue be trained by leading medical professionals on how to recognize those guests and fans with sensory needs and how to handle a sensory overload situation. Sensory bags, equipped with noise canceling headphones (provided by Puro Sound Labs), fidget tools, verbal cue cards (produced in conjunction with Boardmaker) and weighted lap pads will also be available to all guests at the Museum of Intrigue who may feel overwhelmed by the environment. These guests will also be able to have use of a dedicated quiet area as well.
  • Sensory sensitivities or challenges with sensory regulation are often experienced by individuals with autism, dementia, PTSD and other similar conditions. One of the major barriers for these individuals is sensitivity to over stimulation and noise, which is an enormous part of the environment in a venue like Museum of Intrigue. With its new certification, Museum of Intrigue is now better prepared to assist guests with sensory sensitivities in having the most comfortable and accommodating experience possible when attending any event.
  • For more information about Museum of Intrigue’s partnership with KultureCity, click here.


Regal Cinema:

Regal’s My Way Matinee gives everyone the opportunity to experience a movie with the lights turned up and the volume turned down. This becomes safe space where guests are free to express themselves by singing, crying, dancing, walking around, talking or shouting while enjoying Hollywood’s latest films!

  • All screenings for our sensory friendly movies will begin at 10:30am on the second and fourth Saturday of the month for a special discounted ticket price!


WonderWorks Sensory Days:
  • WonderWorks hosts Sensory Days throughout the year. During these special events, WonderWorks turns off their music, loud sounds, and flashing lights to create a safe environment for those with sensory sensitivities. WonderWorks exhibits are also altered to provide limited stimulation for adults and children with special needs. Any loud exhibit and the inversion tunnel are not in operation during the event to create a safe environment for the attendees of the event so they are able to enjoy the facility without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Admission to WonderWorks Sensory Days is $10 per person
  • The next WonderWorks Sensory Days are currently scheduled for Sunday, February 9th from 10am-1pm
  • For more information about WonderWorks Sensory Days, click here.