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Pokémon Go Player’s Guide to Destiny USA


Destiny USA is literally swarming with Pokémon! With two training facilities (gyms), three different Pokéstop and THOUSANDS of Pokémon ready to be captured, Destiny USA is a treasure trove for training and spotting some of your favorite characters! To assist you in your Pokémon training efforts, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you level-up as quickly as possible during Pokémon weekend at Destiny USA.

Remember to screencapture your Pokemon sighting at Destiny USA this weekend on your mobile device and bring it to Guest Services to enter to win FREE valet parking, carousel rides, Destiny USA Summer Fun Day Passes and Destiny SWAG! Random winners will be selected from all entrants received 7/15-7/17 and notified Monday morning, 7/18.

Before you Arrive

Update your app. Make sure you have the most current version of the Pokémon app. The newer version is more secure, and crashes less often.

Bring an external battery pack. Pokémon Go has been said to use a lot of battery life, but with a good external battery you should be able to keep playing all day.

Scour with Destiny USA’s FREE WiFi. Save big on data during your hunt by logging into Destiny USA’s FREE WiFi network.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 1.16.48 PM

Set your phone to use as little battery as possible. Lower your screen brightness, mute the volume, and disable background apps.

Turn on the game’s built in power saving mode. When in the game, click the Pokéball, click Settings, then check the box next to “Battery Saver.” This will dim the screen on your phone whenever it is upside down (in your pocket).

Stock up on Poké-supplies. Make sure you bring plenty of Pokéballs, Great Balls, Master Balls, Incense, Lures and a (virtual) bag big enough to carry everything.

At Destiny USA

Visit every Pokéstop you see. Destiny USA has three unique Pokéstops, one located at the antique carousel inside Destiny USA near the Food Court, one in the Canyon near WonderWorks and one outside of the Pedestrian Bridge. You get 50XP for every Pokéstop you visit, even if you don’t pick up any items.

Untitled design-4

Don’t waste time at PokéStops. After you spin the sign you don’t have to click all of the bubbles to claim your loot — just click the (X) at the bottom to collect the items.

Keep only the Pokémon with the highest CP. Depending on how much you play, you will collect dozens of Pokémon during your visit. If you are running out of room, save only the Pokémon with the highest CP. Transfer the rest to the Professor, err, Professor Wonder at WonderWorks, that is.

Make the Most of Your Visit

Look for floating leaves. That’s where you can find the closest Pokémon.

Keep an eye on the tracker. It’s in the lower right corner of your app. It tells you how close nearby Pokémon are. Each footprint is approximately 100 meters.

Showering petals at a Pokéstop means that someone has activated a Lure! Head over to benefit from their generosity. Conversely, activate a Lure of your own at a Pokéstop and you’ll be surprised at how many friends you make.

Untitled design-6

Use good Poké-targeting skills. The last thing you want to do when you’re far away from home is waste valuable Pokéballs. Always wait until the green, yellow or red target circle is at its smallest size before you throw.

Did you miss? Grab that Pokéball! If you get it before it disappears it will be returned to your inventory.

Don’t forget to go into Destiny USA’s 250+ places to shop, dine and play once in a while. You never know what you might find!

Exercise Safe Training Practices

Don’t go into unauthorized areas. Under no circumstances should you go into any areas that aren’t clearly open to the public. Don’t go backstage, don’t crawl past any barriers. It’s a matter of safety*.

Be aware of your surroundings! Always keep one eye on the path ahead of you.

Pokémon Gyms at Destiny USA

There are two gyms at Destiny USA…we could tell you where they are, but why ruin the fun and adventure of scouring for yourself!

Untitled design-5

Pokéstop at Destiny USA

The Antique Carousel on the Second Level near the Food Court

The Canyon Underneath WonderWorks Near the LEED Plaque in the Portal

Outside of Destiny USA near the Pedestrian Bridge

Special Offers

Remember to screencapture your Pokemon sighting at Destiny USA this weekend on your mobile device and bring it to Guest Services to enter to win FREE valet parking, carousel rides and Destiny USA Summer Fun Day Passes! Random winners will be selected from all entrants received 7/15-7/17 and notified Monday morning, 7/18.

Destiny USA’s shops, restaurants and entertainment venues all have special discounts and deals you can take advantage of, as well! Visit World of Beer, WonderWorks, Best Buy Mobile, BC Surf & Sport and UNOs to learn about specific discounts and promotions for finding Pokémon.

Offer Spotlight:


Every day this Friday thru Sunday, WonderWorks will offer contests for different teams:

Friday: Team Red

Saturday: Team Blue

Sunday: Team Yellow

If you are a member of the specific team on the specific day, you will receive general admission at WonderWorks for $9.99! Rare Pokemon have been found inside of WonderWorks, including Charizards & Pikachus!

5 Wits

Catch a Pokémon anywhere in 5 Wits and show your journal along with your receipt at the register and upgrade into your next adventure for free!


Spot a Pokémon in Revolutions and receive buy one get one free on a game of bowling!

Uno Pizzeria & Grill

Enjoy 20% off your meal at Uno Pizzeria when you catch a Pokémon in their restaurant!


*Destiny USA did not choose or otherwise select the placement of any Pokéstops or Gyms within our facility. While we are very glad to have you play during your visit, it is important that you stay safe at all times. Pokémon and Pokémon character names are trademarks of Nintendo.