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10 Beach Day Essentials Found at Destiny USA

With the beautiful Syracuse weather we’re having this summer, the beach has been calling our names. Before you rush out to catch some rays. take a look at our 10 beach day essentials found at Destiny USA that every beach goer should have.

1. Beach Tote

beach tote

To The Beach! Let everyone know where you’re headed with this Style & Co. beach tote available at Macy’s for $36.99.


2. Polarized Sunglasses


Sunglasses are a necessity on those gorgeous sunny beach days. Grab your own pair of polarized Ray-Ban sunglasses from Sunglasses Hut for $200.


3. Sunscreen


Protect your skin with the quick and easy spray sunscreen from Coola available at Sephora for $36. With its spf 30 and tropical coconut scent you may not physically be on a beach in Hawaii but you’ll definitely feel like it.


4. Sunscreen Chapstick


Sunscreen chapstick is so underrated. This NARS chapstick from Sephora has no color to it but it will keep your lips soft, hydrated and protected from the sun. ($25)


5. Beach Mat


Beach mats make life so much easier and this beach mat from Brookstone will keep the sand on the beach and out of your beach tote/car when you’re headed home.  ($26.99)


6. Flip Flops


A cute pair of flip flops are the best shoes to take a stroll down the beach. These Sam Edelman shoes are available at DSW for $39.95 and they are just waiting to be worn on the beach.


7. Waterproof Phone Bag


The best way to keep your phone safe from accidental water damage is to put it in one of these waterproof phone bags. Brookstone carries the Drycase Waterproof phone bag for $39.99 that will definitely keep out the water when you decide to take your artsy pictures waist deep in the ocean.


8. Sunhat


A sunhat and a beach go together like PB&J. This Kate Spade New York sunhat is calling your name for $128 at Lord & Taylor.


9. Waterproof Speaker


The sound of the crashing waves may be soothing but to pump up your beach day grab one of these Eco Extreme waterproof speaker cases from Brookstone for $39.99.


10.  After Sun Lotion


Last but certainly not least after sun care. When you just couldn’t seem to keep up with reapplying sunscreen throughout the day, don’t worry this Clinique after sun rescue balm from Sephora contains aloe to help repair your skin from the harsh rays.  ($28)