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Published: 06/25/2019

This summer, Destiny USA will introduce Trombi’s Tower to the world. Trombi’s Tower, a five level, new physically stimulating and interactive attraction will offer an entirely new concept of play for children ages 5 – 12. Developed by Romanian entrepreneur twin brothers, Sebastian and Razvan Blidariu, Trombi’s Tower is an obstacle course, designed to inspire sportive play and healthy children.Trombis Tower with details 2

“For 3,000 years, children have played the same way, but with today’s technology, we can enhance their experience,” said the Blidariu Twins. “Parents don’t want to see their children playing video games all day. Trombi’s Tower has highly relevant play activities and everything that matures their phycological profile. We use technology to enhance physical activity.”

“Not only is this new play concept new to us, it’s new to the world,” said Destiny USA Marketing Director Nikita Jankowski. “I think parents will find Trombi’s Tower fascinating – especially when they realize they can drop off their children (at the Tower) and follow their every move through a live stream that only they have access to on their smart devices.”

Trombi’s Tower will present five stages in the obstacle course, enclosed by a giant, wraparound slide and transparent walls (welcoming a maximum of 30 children at a time). Each stage displays different play elements that challenge children’s cognitive and physical skills. While completing the obstacle course, children accumulate points and can even compete with each other. The rankings are displayed on a large screen at the course as well as on Trombi’s Tower’s website. Once children have completed the obstacle course, they slide down a wraparound slide. Photos can be obtained through the attraction’s website after the experience. Trombi’s Tower can be used as a drop-off service and will have eight cameras installed throughout the attraction for parents to monitor their children.

“Our first priority is safety and quality. We go above and beyond to exceed safety standards and after 12 years of developing Trombi’s Jungle, successful playgrounds throughout Europe, we’ve had zero accidents,” added the Blidariu Twins.

Trombi’s Tower will hold several events throughout the year, including VIP autograph sessions and awards to highlight local children’s sports teams. Once year, the new attraction will also hold one large event to benefit a local charity.

Parents of multiples will be happy to know that their twins visiting Trombi’s Tower will only be charged one admission (two will enter for the price of one). Plus, the attraction will be accessible to children with physical disabilities.

Trombi’s Tower is expected to open by mid-August, 2019, in the Destiny USA Canyon, expanding several levels, near Texas de Brazil, Razzle Dazzle and Margaritaville. Free admission will be offered to select families prior to opening in order to train new employees.

The Blidariu Twins plan to open 30 Trombi’s Tower locations throughout the U.S. within the next two years. All materials used to construct Trombi’s Tower are made in the United States.