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Trendy and Stylish Tea Shop to Make Its Debut At Destiny USA

Published: 07/01/2019

Move over Bubble Tea, there’s a new tea coming to town – U Tea! This summer, U Tea, a new and modern concept of fruit-infused tea (already popular in China) will open in Destiny USA.

U Tea’s first location opened in Ithaca and has become a hit with local students. Co-owner Ken Liu has been looking forward to opening in Destiny USA, due to its central location and accessibility to colleges and universities.
“My vision for the U Tea venture is to introduce this modern styled of tea drinking experience to the non-metro city colleges, so that students in this community can also have a chance to enjoy this extraordinary type of tea drinking culture,” said Liu.
“What’s fascinating is U Tea will bring in a modern twist to the tea business,” said Destiny USA Director of Marketing Nikita Jankowski. “The tea café itself will have a small, chic and instagramble décor to inspire social posts while patrons enjoy healthy and beautifully prepared beverages, made with real fruit.”
U Tea sells various types of specialty teas including fruit-infused, cheezo, brûlée, milk foam, etc.:
Fruit Infused Tea
Fruit Infused Teas are made with various fresh flavors and fruits. There are several flavors to choose from including the popular Mixed Fruit Fantasy which contains a passion fruit tea and fruits such as watermelon, mango, dragon fruit, and more.
Brûlée Milk Tea 
Brûlée is a cake flavored cream that is hand-mixed and put into a traditional milk tea. In some Asian countries it is referred to as, “Cake Flavored Milk Tea”. U Tea mixes Oreos into the brûlée to create a “Brûlée Oreo Milk Tea”.
Cheezo Fruit Slush 
Cheezo is a special cream foam that is made from cream cheese, whipped cream, and various other dairy products, and can be applied on top of many real fruit slush. Cheezo Mei Mei is one of the most popular Cheezo drinks on the U Tea menu. Mei Mei in Chinese means “berries”, so this drink is a strawberry and blueberry slushie. With the special U Tea cup and lid, customers will be able to enjoy the cream and slushie in a single sip.

Milk Foam Tea Expresso
Milk Foam is another special foam layer topping that can be added to the various flavors of instant brewed premium teas.
U Tea’s first opened in Ithaca, near Cornell University. The “U” stands for University. The Destiny USA location will open in August, on the 2nd level, next to TJ Maxx.