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new year new you

New Year, New You!

2021 has arrived! Along with the new year, comes new goals or resolutions. Destiny USA has created a guide with products and gear to safely help you be your best self.


Self-Care is Priority

self care

It’s so important to feel good, especially feeling good about yourself. Give yourself a new weekly self-care routine to keep you feeling your best. Add new products to your lineup. Relax with a new bath bomb from LUSH, and skincare from Sephora or ULTA.


Drink Water

drink water

Drinking water is also an important part of self-care! There are so many benefits to drinking enough water each day including improving skin, regulating body temperature, delivering oxygen to the body, and more. If you’re having trouble drinking enough water each day, get a colorful water bottle to help motivate you! Pick up a Hydroflask from Dick’s, a tumbler from Starbucks, or a water bottle from Five Below.



new year new you

Take a breath of fresh air. White Barn has an entire line dedicated to stress relief with products such as lotion, candles, and more. Yankee Candle has a sleep diffusor kit with different scents to help you relax day or night. Both stores are having their semi-annual sales, stop in and stock up! Find your zen with a Salt Stone Lamp at Earthbound Trading Co.


New Athleisure  


Nothing gets us more motivated for a workout than new workout clothes. Plus, if you’re working/learning from home, you can double your workout clothes as lounge clothes. Stop by Lululemon, Athleta, Aerie, TJ Maxx, PINK, or Dick’s Sporting Goods to pick up some new gear.


Workout Equipment


Now is the perfect time to add more equipment to your home gym! Dick’s Sporting Goods, Five Below, and TJ Maxx have gym equipment to fit all experience levels and budgets.


Clean Eats 

clean eats

Several of Destiny USA’s dining venues have healthy options on their menu! Fresh N’ Breezy, Destiny USA’s newest dining venue, has fresh smoothies and smoothie bowls ready to order. Starbucks offers protein boxes with a variety of food in each. Looking for a fruity drink? Stop by U Tea on the Second Level, next to Five Below or Kung Fu Tea located on the Second Level, near Dick’s Sporting Goods for a refreshing drink. The Cheesecake Factory even has a special “Skinnylicious” menu.