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Lucky Brand Jeans

Part-time Seasonal Sales Associate

Lucky Brand Jeans



The Sales Associate role is very important to the success of the store environment. This position ensures customers have a welcoming and quality experience in the store at all times. A Sales Associate plays a key role in creating and maintaining a selling focus in the store. In order to ensure the success of the store, the Sales Associate will be held accountable to achieving personal and Company directed sales goals. This individual also supports company and management initiatives/direction while ensuring adherence to policies and procedures as outlined by the organization. Sales Associates are scheduled to flex schedule and hours are given based of the needs of the business.

A Sales Associate can handle issues or tasks related to:

• Sales

• Customer Service

• Operations

• Merchandising


The Sales Associate must demonstrate a set of competencies/skills that establish them as a sales generator and team player within the store. These competencies outline a skill-set that is required of a Sales Associate to be successful in their role.

Competencies include, but are not limited to:

People: Contributes as part of a team through effective communication with both peers and leaders within the store.

Results: Stays focused on performance. The Sales Associate drives results and takes action to ensure goals are met and tasks are completed.

Thought: Shows that they understand the business through a strong customer focus.

Self: Remains flexible and adaptable by being resilient and maintaining composure in all situations.