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Beyond Rubik’s Cube Exhibit Opening February 17 – May 1

The Muzium, Destiny USA’s latest third-level attraction featuring high-quality traveling exhibitions of art, science, and history, has announced the next exciting, interactive experience the limited-engagement exhibit, Beyond Rubik’s Cube coming February 17 through May 1. 

Beyond Rubik’s Cube is the world’s first museum exhibition all about the Rubik’s Cube puzzle. The Destiny USA exhibit will boast 7,000 sq ft of games, puzzles, history, art, and engineering, all inspired by Ernő Rubik’s best-selling masterpiece. Whether you’re a puzzle buff, nostalgic about the Cube and its history, or just looking for a fun and challenging way to spend a day, Beyond Rubik’s Cube will reveal something amazing you’ve never seen before.

Beyond Rubik’s Cube is a multi-sensory experience in three exhibit zones, Invent, Play, and Inspire, visitors can examine first-hand how a small puzzle became, and remains, a phenomenon that resonates with a global audience and connects to fields across the spectrum of human creativity.


At Robot Command, guests learn to program a robot to run a maze.


Tessellation Maker is an interactive table that allows guests to work with others to create patterns across a digital screen.


A Cube-solving robot solves guests’ scrambled Cubes at Robot Race.

The Muzium, located across from Margaritaville on the 3rd level.

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Admission Prices 

Guests can buy pre-sales admission tickets for Beyond Rubik’s Cube or gift certificates, today, at The Muzium. Also, stop by the gift shop to buy your very own Rubik’s Cube or Rubik’s Cube inspired puzzles, t-shirts and more!

Beyond Rubik’s Cube developed by Liberty Science Center with help from Google. Distributed by EDG. Rubik’s® Used under license Rubiks Brand Ltd. All rights reserved.