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Now Open: Mastermind

Published: 08/05/2021

Now Open: Mastermind

Successful local clothing brand opens second location at Destiny USA

Syracuse, NY – As of today, a rising retailer can call Destiny USA home. Mastermind is now open, and shoppers can now find this local, high class, urban street wear inside New York State’s largest shopping, dining, and entertainment venue.

Although this will be the second location for Mastermind, Owner and Creator Jamel Newsome said opening a store inside of Destiny USA is a dream come true.

“I was born and raised here, and Destiny USA was my childhood place. We’d go shopping as a kid but didn’t think I’d ever have a store here,” said Newsome. “If I get in Destiny USA, maybe I can get the following I need to branch off around the world – that it’s one of those dreams you don’t think you are going to get.”

Newsome started his clothing line in 2014, during his career as a DJ. He began designing his own clothes with friends after creating a Mastermind logo for his DJ cover and transferred it over to his own clothes. His branded clothing took off after he returned from Atlanta, GA.

“I used to work in the Atlanta Comedy Club, so I used to DJ for all the celebrities, and ended up designing their clothes because I wore my own clothes and they took a liking to it – rapper Lil Durk, comedian Jess Hilarious, Cedric the Entertainer, this list of celebrities goes on,” he shared.

Newsome said those celebrities encouraged him to focus on building clothing, instead of DJing because his brand was rare. He did just that and put all his energy and money into his clothing. Many of his celebrity friends even modeled his clothing. Over time, Newsome became a self-taught entrepreneur. Eight years later, Mastermind has a large production team, works with companies overseas, produces attire for men and women, including work-out gear, runner sets, signature track suits, seasonal wear, accessories, and now a new sneaker line called Mastermind Fusion. A children’s line is on the way.

“Destiny USA is definitely a mark in Syracuse, NY and the world and I’m able to be a part of that mark in 2021.”

“We are proud to announce Mastermind’s opening at Destiny USA,” said Destiny USA Director of Marketing Nikita Jankowski. “There is nothing like it within these walls, and we are excited to be a part of its growth as well as its brand story.”

“I say if big clothing lines can get here, why can’t we? Be different. Never let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do.”