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Magnum Opus

Host: Museum of Intrigue

Date: November 13, 2022

Participate in an immersive and interactive performance held within the storied Museum of Intrigue as a secret society meets again to resolve a dire conflict.

Inspired by performances like Sleep No More and Then She Fell, Magnum Opus is a collaborative piece including dance, music, art, sculpture, performance art, mystery-solving, and more, all in a constantly evolving and flowing state not just from moment to moment, but from show to show.

Magnum Opus is an interactive, immersive promenade performance in residence at the Museum of Intrigue. There is no set order or path; your curiosity will be your sole guide.

Interaction Optional:
We take your comfort seriously, and while Magnum Opus is best experienced by those willing to talk, challenge, discuss, and participate in general, you will not be required to do so.

VIP Rose Room Upgrade

Limited availability!
Visit the Society in comfort with an upgrade to the Rose Room – a private room to sit, chat, and enjoy light refreshments under the watchful eye of the Keeper, a knowledgeable resource and teller of tall tales. Enter the Society early, take your seat, and explore the world of Magnum Opus before the rest of the audience is let in, and enjoy the denouement at the end of the show with private visits and bows by the fantastic cast of Trustees.

Book here or call us at 855-653-7227 to reserve your tickets NOW for our November 13th performance!