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Regal Cinemas to unveil IMAX and RPX screens

The two theaters will debut Superman: Man of Steel on IMAX and RPX tomorrow

The IMAX and RPX theatres at Regal Cinemas Destiny USA are opening just in time for all the big blockbuster movies of the summer.


The IMAX and RPX theaters will enhance Regal guests’ viewing experience with the IMAX screen three times the average movie theater screen standing 40 feet tall and stretching 72 feet wide. The RPX theater is slightly smaller standing 31 feet tall and 58 feet wide. Both screens combined will add close to an additional 700 seats to the entire Regal Cinema complex, making a total of 3,400 seats.


The concept of the IMAX Theater originated in Montreal, Canada in 1967. The idea revolutionized cinema even more when 3D viewing was created for IMAX theaters in 1986. IMAX has exploded into a worldwide phenomenon launching 700 plus theaters spread across 52 different countries. RPX (Regal Premium Experience) theaters are still relatively new to the entertainment world. They debuted in April 2010, with more than 40 screens across the country today.


“On the behalf of the 230+ workers and multiple construction teams we put on this project, we are very proud getting this job done in time for Superman, Man of Steel,” Rob Schoeneck, General Manager of Destiny USA, stated. “There’s not a bad seat in the house!”


The IMAX and RPX Theaters are now located on the third level next to OptiGolf. The theaters will have a separate entrance and concession area from the 17 existing screens. Tickets for all screens can be purchased at the ticket booth.

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